domingo, 6 de setembro de 2015

Elite diet: Model boot camp

Day 1:
Breakfast: 1 piece low calorie bread, 40-45 cal
Lunch: 1 medium apple, 70-110 cal
Dinner: 8 baby carrots, around 40 cal

Day 2:
Breakfast: One cooked Egg white, 17 Cal
Lunch: Small salad, 60-100 cal
Dinner: 8 Baby carrots, 40 Cal
TOTAL: 160 Cal

Day 3:
Breakfast: one cup of Orange Juice, 70 cal
Lunch: One Apple, 70 Cal
Dinner: Drink water or tea if you're hungry. NO SUGAR! 0 cal.
TOTAL: 140 Cal.

Congrats for getting past day 3 without cheating! c; Now time to get in shape! No more meal plans. Prepare your running shoes. 

Day 4: Eat 300 Cal. Run 10 minutes. (-76 cal)
Day 5: Eat 350 Cal. Run for 20 minutes. (-152 cal)
Day 6: Eat 400 cal. Run 25 minutes. (-190 cal)
Day 7: Eat 100 Cal. Do yoga for 1 hour. (-228)

Congrats in getting through week 1! Yoga was relaxing after all that running, huh? One week to go!

Day 8: As a reward, no exercise! Fast or drink only milk/non sugared tea. 
Day 9: Eat 250 Cal. Yoga for 25 minutes. (-95 cal)
Day 10: Eat 300 cal. High impact Aerobics for for 5 minutes. (-33 cal)
Day 11: Eat 400 cal. No exercise. 
Day 12: Eat 200 Cal. Yoga for 30 minutes. (-114 cal)
Day 13: Eat 150 cal. Exercise of choice for 15 minutes. 
Day 14: No exercise. Fast, drink water. If absolutely hungry and can't stand it anymore, eat an apple and possibly a scoop of ice cream. c: 

Congrats, you've made it through Elite Diet: Model Boot Camp!

~~to sem tempo pra traduzir agora. assim que puder eu atualizo!~~

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